The Hidden Uses of Botox that People Should Get to know.


This toxin has been used in matters pertaining surgery. It helps in preventing of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from the terminals of the axon causing flaccid paralysis.  This toxin has been exploited for many benefits not known by many people.

It can be used on over reactive bladder.  It is common for women to fall victims of the over reactive bladder as compared to men.  This chemical is important in making the muscles of the bladder relaxed. It is important to note that you only need an injection once per year.   Negligent side effects can therefore be witnessed from Botox use.

The swelling and itchiness of the eye can also be reduced through which of this chemical.  This condition is known as psoriasis, and it is caused by the inflammatory cells in the eye.  This condition is untreatable though Botox can have reduced the activity of these inflammatory cells. Many plastic surgeons in miami could help you out in this case.

Painful intercourse can also be cured by the use of Botox.  It can relax those stiff muscles.  Injection is painless so no one should worry about being hurt.

 Depression can be cured by Botox.  When injected into the forehead, it helps with interfering with the negative message that is relied by the facial nerves to the brain.   This chemical helps elicit happy emotions on those going through depression.

Helps in reducing too much sweating.  There are those people who tend to sweat a lot irrespective of the season.   You only need a single dose of this chemical once per two years in order to reduce excessive underarm sweating.

Botox can be used for the treatment of migraines. Those who suffer from chronic migraines can really benefit from the head and neck injection of this chemical.  It is beneficial since you only require single dose which can serve you for three months.

This chemical is known to get rid of excess weight. This chemical helps in relaxing the stomach muscles which makes one feel more satisfied so fast.  Procedure involving the use of Botox only takes fifteen as opposed to the gastric surgeries which take too long to achieve.

 Those earning for firm breast can also use Botox. The process is achieved by injecting Botox into the pectoris portion of the chest muscle.

It can also be used to treat abnormal heartbeat.  This chemical can be used on people who have undergone open heart surgery.

 Abnormal cold hands can also be injected by this chemical to restore temperature to the normal range in their normal lives. It is injected into the hand to bring the relaxation of hand muscles which are in close contact with the constrict blood vessels. Contact the best plastic surgeons in miami here.